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"Down The Trail".....A Poem By Max Reif
October 25, 2018 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World


I saw a man with a stick and a hat, and he was walkin’.
He looked like he’d been walkin’ a long long way, 
and I asked him, “Where you walkin’ to?”

The man said, “I’m walkin’ to God.”
“You’re walkin’ to God?” I echoed. 
“How you gonna know when you get there?”
And he just said, “I’ll know.”

I said, “They say that God is everywhere.”
And he said, “I can't put no stock in what folks say.
I gotta feel Him. I gotta see Him.
I lost Him, and I will know when I’ve found Him.”

I inquired, “Why you think you’ll feel Him somewhere else, if you can’t feel Him here?” 

“That’s not my business,” the man said. “That’s God’s business. 
I’m just gonna walk till I find Him.
It don’t matter how far, how long.
He’ll show me.”

“Or maybe I’ll change as I walk," he continued,
"And maybe He’ll show me He IS everywhere!
Maybe He’ll show me He been here all along!
That’s ok. That’s fine with me.”

And the man tipped his hat to me
and continued on his way 
until I saw him disappear 
down the trail.

from THE WELL AT WORLD'S END by Max Reif…/boo…/the-well-at-worlds-end 

(also available from   

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