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Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World

Jeff Krisman has over 20 years of experience in practicing and in teaching a type of Mindfulness practice called Mindful Coping, which provides practitioners with an ongoing and increasing ability to cope more effectively with the chaos, uncertainty, and constant change that we experience in our lives. He has found this particular type of practice to be highly effective in helping people to cultivate the ability to be more present and to be more calm in quickly changing conditions, to develop a calmer and more focused mind while out in the world dealing with all kinds of situations, and to become more "comfortable with being uncomfortable.” His greatest value that he can offer others is that he shares what he has struggled with in a very constructive, real, and open way and how Mindful Coping practice has helped him continue to develop his coping skills and how it can help others to cultivate a greater quality of life and more meaningful and satisfying relationships with others.This practice really helps us to internalize and understand that we take all of our previous baggage and past hurts and trauma into every encounter with others and how that affects our interactions with them and that real, positive, and meaningful change is possible. For more information about Mindful Coping practice, please feel free to email Jeff at

Recent Episodes

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