The Mindful Coping Podcast

A Deep Conversation With Zoe Joncheere

November 17, 2023 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
The Mindful Coping Podcast
A Deep Conversation With Zoe Joncheere
Show Notes

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Zoe gave up her house and her teaching job as a linguist, to fully live her life as a dance. She lives where she works or where people welcome her. Traveling and speaking many languages seem to be part of that dance. As she doesn’t have any thoughts about who she is and who she should be, she completely surrenders to the present moment. The present moment is her only permanent companion, her beloved traveling guide, and biggest inspiration in working with people.

“It is my wish to inspire people to live their life in the light of the present moment, to transcend the level of the mind and its endless thoughts, and remember who they truly are.”

Zoe mostly draws from her own direct spiritual experience. She is also inspired by Advaita Vedanta (non-duality), Sufism (the ultimate reality is Love) and Tantrism (masculine and feminine energy come together in oneness).  She writes articles in two Dutch magazines* and shares her inspiration in the newsletters you find on this website. 

In 2010 Zoe had her first opening. One night she woke up bursting out laughing.  ‘Living as God!’ she said. She realized that believing her thoughts was her only problem.  ‘If I don’t believe my thoughts, I become totally available for Life/God to live through this body …’ The next morning she started writing and two weeks later she finished the book Living as God. It is still available in Dutch and in English.** Nobody’s Dance seems to be the sequel to Living as God. “Back then there was a lot of mental clarity, now there is a much deeper experience of that reality that is Love.”

“When we become unattached to our stories, past and future and other fantasies, we become transparent. We remember our true nature and become available for life to dance through us. Our life becomes a Nobody’s Dance.”

Zoe is a  citizen of Belgium but the world is her home. Zoe offers private sessions in person when possible. She also works through online private sessions. The energy doesn’t care about distance. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French, and also uses Italian and German to talk to people.

* The magazines she writes articles for are Inzicht and Vruchtbare Aarde
**Ed.Samsara (Amsterdam)